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The Company

Cooler World is a wholesale distributor and has cornered the market in officially licensed water coolers/dispensers. We currently have acquired two collegiate license approvals.

Cooler World WV is owned and operated by Mike Peaslee as an LLC. Mike brings a wealth of business knowledge and contacts as an operator of multiple retail and wholesale businesses for nearly 40 years.

Cooler World WV, LLC is a proud member of the CLC and the Fair Labor Association! For more information, please visit www.fairlabor.org.

Perfect For

The water cooler is perfect for: Homes, Offices, Cabins, Tailgating, Man Caves, Fitness Centers, Spa’s, Hair Salons, Camping, Racing, Garages, Waiting Areas, Nursing Areas, Bowling Alleys, Schools, Sporting Events, Dealerships, and more!

Business Opportunities

Business opportunities include: Wholesale, College/University, Alumni, Fan Shops, Bookstores, Tailgating, Job Safety Rewards, Fund Raising for Your School or Program, Water Distributors, College Merchandise Retailers, Charity Events, and more!